National Organization Officials

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Corporate Headquarters Prelate

Higher Ground Always Abounding Assemblies, Inc.
870 St. Clair Avenue
Columbus, OH 43201
Church: 614-291-5716
Fax: 614-291-7904
Dr. Sherman Watkins
Prelate / Founder

Vice-Prelate's Headquarters

The Potter's House
6777 W. Keist Blvd.
Dallas, TX 75236
Church: 214-331-0954
Fax: 214-337-5375
Bishop T. D. Jakes

2nd Vice-Prelate's Headquarters

The Temple of Praise
700 Southern Ave.
Washington D. C. 20032
Phone: (202) 561-0100
Fax: (202) 561-0749
Bishop Glen Staples
2nd Vice-Prelate

National Executive Board of Senior Bishops

New Life Cathedral
2101 Avenue F Ensley
Birmingham AL 35218
Church: 205-791-1301
Bishop James Johnson

First Emmanuel Tabernacle
671 Bryn Mawr Road
Pittsburgh, PA 15219
Contact Person: David Jones
Bishop Wade Jones [/col] [col class="col-md-4"]

National Administrative Office

Higher Ground Always
Abounding Assemblies, Inc.
870 St. Clair Avenue
Columbus, OH 43201
Office: 614 560-6214
Sister Wilma "T" Watkins
Administrative Coordinator

National Executive Board of Bishops

Bishop Alfred Ringer
Bishop Eric McDaniel
Bishop Kenneth Dupree
Bishop Reginald Steele
Bishop Carey Orr
Bishop Wayne Powell
Bishop Charles Brumfield
Bishop Anthony Stephens
Bishop Michael Canion
Bishop Kenneth Carter
Bishop Tony Minor
Bishop Samuel Johnson
Bishop Fred T Simms

National Officials

Professor Garey Lewis
National Minister of Music
Higher Ground Always
Office: 614-291-5716
Fax: 614-291-7904

Brother William Jackson
National Usher Coordinator
Office: 614-291-5716
Fax: 614-291-7904

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National Officials

Bishop Kenneth Dupree
National Administrative
Assistant to Dr. Watkins
Church: 615-226-9927
Fax: 615-226-9987

Dr. Victoria J. Gray
National Women's President

Karen A. Watkins
National Youth President
Higher Ground AAA Inc.
Office: 614-291-5716
Fax: 614-291-7904

Dr. Billy R. Newman
National Evangelist

Elder Vincent Pate
National Youth Evangelist
Office: 614-291-5716
Fax: 614-291-7904

Pastor Lawrence Robinson
National Dean of Education
The Potter's House
Fax: 214-337-5375 [/col] [/row]

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National Headquarters
Higher Ground Always Abounding Assemblies
870 St. Clair Avenue
Columbus, Ohio 43201


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