When we take a look at our topic, the one word that immediately places us on defense is the word, “THREATS.” Nobody in their right mind wants to feel threatened by anything or anyone. There is nothing positive about the meaning of that word. To threaten is an intention or determination to inflict punishment or injury. It’s an indication or warning of probable trouble, but whether we know it or not this is exactly what the devil does to the people of God. He’s constantly threatening to do something that can cause damage to us physically, mentally, spiritually, or even to the point of ruining our reputation or damaging our character. Have you ever been having a good day, moving along, praising the Lord during your daily functions and then all of a sudden the enemy whispers to you, ‘you didn’t know it but that slight pain you felt an hour ago was really a sign of cancer?’ He’ll say, ‘that headache you felt wasn’t due to an imbalance, but it’s signs of an aneurism.’ And if he feels he’s gained our attention he’ll go on and on planting seeds of defeat in our mind; and although we recognize the spirit of antagonism, it’s not until he hits that one last nerve where he tries to cause us to believe that it’s over for sure, that we finally tell him, I DON’T TAKE TOO KINDLY TO THREATS!!” 

Nobody wants to live a life where every time you turn around it’s more drama and disrespect. Jesus said He came that we might have life MORE ABUNDANTLY, yet this pestering voice is constantly filling our mind with negative thoughts!  Someone may advise you to just ‘blow it off’ and ignore it but 2 Corinthians 2:11 tells us to be mindful of the tricks of the enemy, “Lest Satan should gain an advantage of us: for WE ARE NOT IGNORANT OF HIS DEVICES.” We are not of this world but we are IN THIS WORLD and as long as we’re here we have to protect not only our anointing, but we have to protect the thoughts that we allow the enemy to plant in our mind.  Our approach must be one of soberness, realizing that the issues at hand are a matter of life and death and heaven and hell. Satan is a serpent and because of that fact, he is not only deadly, but oftentimes he is so well camouflaged we don’t even see him for what he really is! The reality is, some Christians see too much of Satan. We should never view him as though he has more power than he really has. Some give the devil too much credit. Yes he’s crafty and cunning; he’s wise and he’s sneaky BUT the plan of God has greater power than the devil can ever imagine. God cares nothing about the devil’s cunning ways because He already has a plan and NOTHING can interfere or supersede the plan of God.


Even though we know these things and we have the assurance that God is with us, we still have to be consistent in our warfare against the wiles of the enemy. We can’t get ‘soft’ in combat. Don’t allow the devil to threaten you or place you in bondage to anything. You have to remember who you are in God and be determined not to allow the enemy to use us as a throw rug or a footstool.  You have to talk back to him and let him know who you are. è “I DON’T TAKE TOO KINDLY TO THREATS” speaks to the enemy, all of the threats of defeat; the warfare in your mind and any other 

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