This world is very stressful with its demands of daily life. In part, life can also be spiritually draining if we allow it to. We encounter evil in all areas: our government, our home and our families. The Believer is under attack in every area imaginable but the reason we can’t be shocked about our encounters is because the Word of God tells us in Ephesians 6:12, For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.”  We’re not fighting physically with weapons of warfare but we’re fighting in the spirit realm and the war changes from person to person. There is usually some kind of spiritual force behind the struggles and issues that we have to face, but that’s nothing new for the Believer; we’re built to fight spiritual warfare. We can call it fatigue, stress of life, boredom, or many other descriptive words, but if you’ve checked your medical condition and there is nothing to be found and you’re a Believer on fire for the Lord, you can be certain that the enemy has you on his hit-list and the bottom line is spiritual combat. When you complain of total exhaustion, one of the first things the medical profession want to prescribe is medication for  depression, but that may not necessarily be the issue.

WHEN TIRED BECOMES THE ISSUE,”  we can’t just sit back and watch destruction happen, we have to fight!!!!  Yes, we have to stay prayerful but we also have to use wisdom to combat the enemy and every tactic that he uses. He’s clever and cunning and as long as he can keep us in bondage to our emotions he can knock us off track to our real purpose. It is at this time that we have to pray harder than ever before because TIREDNESS can go from bad to worse without our being aware that we’re under attack. It goes one step at a time; we go from being too tired to pray, to being too tired to study and on and on the enemy throws his darts of destruction. If he is successful with one thing he’ll keep on with something else; but we are the determining factor as to when we stop his antics. TIREDNESS can affect your health and if you don’t get it under wraps it can cause irreparable damage. As soon as the enemy sees us stressing out, instead of leaving us alone he brings on other symptoms to pile on to what we’re already going through. The name of what you’ve decided to call it is, “TIREDNESS” but the real factor to be dealt with is the intent of the enemy. Satan comes to kill, steal and destroy and the weapons that he uses are endless: discouragement, disappointments, health issues, financial attack, insecurities; emotional disruption, envy, strife, bitterness, jealousy……and the list goes on and on. For whatever weapons he uses, nothing but the Word of God will be able to counteract his methods. We can’t allow the enemy to get away with anything because if we do, instead of backing up off of us, he will intensify his efforts. God blesses us   to be able to see the attacks, but it’s up to us to fight through the warfare and use what we’ve been given by God to win the battle! God is a God of peace not of conflict, so we have to be willing to keep on fighting….EVEN WHEN WE GET TIRED!!

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