Have you ever wondered why God, in all of His power and wisdom, sometimes delays our blessings? Sure you have, we all have, because we don’t KNOW the mind of God. We often place so much attention on what we want that we many times forget about praying, “Thy Will Be Done” – which should  always be our prayer and our desire. Because God is infinite in His wisdom and knowledge He can tell when our attention is misdirected toward our own “desires” rather than “His Will”. It is at this time that God may delay in His response until we get refocused to where we place our attention ON HIM and not on ourselves. He may place a hold on what it is we desire because the timing isn’t right for granting our request. It’s possible that surrounding circumstances need to be changed in order for our DESIRE to fall in line with His will. Whatever the case, It’s never a point of God not being able to grant our desires; but timing always plays a major factor when dealing with God.  Not only that, but sometimes it may be the “season” that we’re going through where GOD is stretching us and growing our FAITH in Him. One of the many ways this can be accomplished is through THE WAITING PROCESS. Our flesh has such a problem WAITING because this process takes away our control. All we can do with waiting IS WAIT FOR IT! God will use this one method to teach us what we need to know but we have to go through it with the right spirit, knowing that “A DELAY DOESN’T ALWAYS MEAN A DENIAL.”  The enemy in his efforts to discourage us is quick to tell us that God said NO, when in essence God didn’t say NO, HE just said WAIT!  

There may be several reasons why God has delayed in His response, we just need to be able to trust God and know that He only wants what’s best for us. We have to trust God enough to be willing to WATCH for His response through a spirit of expectation. Oftentimes we delay our blessing through wrong motives. Why are we asking for this particular thing……is it so that we can glorify God once He answers our prayer or is it for selfish reasons? None of us are perfect and we all fall short of the glory of God’s standards BUT there’s a difference in a mistake and a habitual conduct that has become a lifestyle of wrongful living. God pays attention to all of it – nothing escapes God’s knowledge because the knowledge of God is insurmountable. There is nothing that God doesn’t know or see which is why we can’t get anything over on God……because HE ALREADY KNOWS. Maybe God said YES, but you have to mature first before I grant you your desire.  Maybe God said YES, but you have to humble yourself down so I can use you BEFORE I grant you that blessing. Many times our DELAYED blessing is more valuable to us than an immediate turn-a-round blessing!  Whenever you have to “wait” on a “delayed blessing”, you’ll cherish it because there was a learning process that was attached to that particular circumstance, and where you thought you understood at one point in your life, NOW YOU KNOW because God put you through the WAITING PROCESS before He released the blessing. David said in Psalm 40:1, “I waited PATIENTLY for the Lord; and He inclined unto me and heard my cry.” è God always hears us when we pray AND….….His Delay DOESN’T ALWAYS mean a Denial!


Do we pray to God or Jesus? Which baptism is correct? I really need answers. Do we lift up the name of Jesus or just call on God. Thank you.

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