EXCUSES………we all make them!  In fact, it’s easy to say, “I can’t do this, that or the other” even before trying to do it because it’s a matter of timing as well as desire. Just think about it for a minute, do you ever think that God gets sick of our excuses?  Every time He asks us to do something that we don’t feel like doing, we have some kind of excuse as to why we can’t do it, instead of believing  Philippians 4:13, “I CAN DO ALL THINGS THROUGH CHRIST which STRENGTHENETH ME.   

Our EXCUSES can occur over a number of things. Although there are no good excuses for a Believer’s bad behavior, we’ve all made bad decisions from time to time – and oftentimes we make excuses for the reason we “acted” or reacted in the manner that we did.  We ALL misbehave from time to time and act in ways unbecoming of a child of God. We may even embarrass ourselves by our action or reactions and LATER think, “I  wonder why I did that……that wasn’t even my character!”  but that was you that said or did the thing that you didn’t expect yourself to do.” You may even be embarrassed by it…….AFTER THE FACT, nevertheless it was definitely you and not a figment of your imagination.  In a situation as such, the best thing to do is ask God for forgiveness and keep it moving! The devil will make a fool out of people that allow themselves to be used. Beating yourself up over this kind of thing will only hold you in bondage and the enemy will wear you out with this same old scene. But once you’ve asked God to forgive you, tell yourself, it’s over now, God has forgiven me and I will NOT be held captive to that mistake! 

We serve an awesome God. One that sees all and He knows all. Our words and action let’s God know if we’re really sorry, but the wonderful thing about God is that He KNOWS the true intent of a man or woman’s heart. With that being said, GOD also knows when you’re lying!!  We can often fool people with our antics, but God already knows……so don’t even waste your time trying to get over on God because it won’t happen. If you’re not sincerely sorry for what you’ve said or done – don’t even bother going to Him, it will just be a big waste of time. GOD IN HIS INFINITE WISDOM KNOWS SINCERE REPENTANCE AND NO OTHER FORM OF ACTION WILL BE ACCEPTED.  God tells all of us, GET BEYOND YOUR EXCUSES AS TO WHY YOU CAN’T LIVE HOLY!  God has given us the strength, the power and the resources necessary for us to live Holy – anything other than doing what He asks us to do is JUST AN EXCUSE!  è Do you ever notice how we’re quick to ask God for something, yet when He requires for us to do one little-ole-thang we either go into deep depression or just tell Him we can’t do it? We say, “God, you know in this flesh dwelleth no good thing. I haven’t yet been glorified and it’s really hard to deny this flesh…….but when we get to glory we’ll praise and worship You all day long!  God says, è GET BEYOND YOUR EXCUSES AND AT LEAST TRY!!! We know that nothing beats a failure but a try – and God will always give us strength and grace to do what He requires!

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