I’m so excited about what God is going to do in this brand New Year!  There’s so MUCH TO LOOK FORWARD TO!  God has invested so much into us that we’re not even aware of; we’re stronger than we think we are. The enemy fights us because many times he can sense what God has invested in us, but sometimes as Believers, we really don’t understand what we have on the inside. Many times, when we’re going through our tests and trials we forget the fact that God has hand-selected each and every one us for a particular reason. We have to work  together in unison, the hand can’t do what the nose does; and the arm can’t do what the leg does – but together, collectively we can make it happen!!!  We are ONE BODY and our purpose is always to defeat the enemy…..BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY!

God has kept us here for a reason; that reason is to continue to fight through whatever comes our way.  The songwriter said, I’m on the battlefield for my Lord, I PROMISED HIM THAT I WOULD SERVE HIM TILL I DIE……..I’m on the battlefield for my Lord!”   If you really mean what the words of that song says, you’ll get excited!  In essence, what you’re saying to God is………For ALL that you’ve Invested in Me God, I’m ready, willing and able to fight the good fight of FAITH, through whatever comes my way! Once we let God know that we’re excited about our future; because this is OUR opportunity to show God how much we appreciate Him……..God will get excited!  And once God gets excited, there’s no telling how the BLESSINGS WILL BEGIN TO FLOW!!! Whenever God takes time to INVEST IN US, it’s because He sees potential. We may not know what we can do or what we can handle, but God knows. There are so many gifts in the Body of Christ that we aren’t using because we don’t know we possess them!  This is a brand new year and God is going to do some brand new things inside of us!  I preached a message on the first Sunday of this year, “THE FUTURE IS NOW, and I believe that profound Word from God was just for this season!  If we take time to give God what He deserves through dedication and effort, God will open up ways out of no way. For those that have been waiting for years on a promise……THIS IS YOUR TIME!!! I’m a firm believer that GOD IS TRUE TO HIS WORD and there’s NO telling what God will do if you just believe Him. What do you have to lose by believing God? Hebrews 6:18 says, “That by two immutable things, in which it was impossible for God to lie……”  

God is so faithful to His Word, that if He says it, it will surely come to pass! The idea that God, in all His Glory, would take the time to invest in us is a Blessing all by itself!  When we think about our humanity and the fact that we will never be perfect in this flesh, yet God in His infinite wisdom still takes time to INVEST in us, failures and all…….that’s almost unbelievable!  But because God knows us better than we know ourselves, He knows our capability. God knows what each one of us can handle, as well as our level of commitment to Him. God blesses us for just trying. He doesn’t expect perfection from us because He knows we’re not capable of giving Him perfection. God knows our level of commitment, our sincerity and the love that we have for Him. That’s what counts and God has “TOO MUCH INVESTED” in us to give up now!


Thank you so much for your words of wisdom and encouragement. I had never look at it that way. But now reading what you said I can go on with a new purpose and renew strength,

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