We’re already in the month of February; seems time is passing just as quickly this year, as it did last year! Some of us may still be dealing with issues that we carried over from last year into this year; nevertheless we’re still here, yet clothed and in our right mind, so we praise God for that blessing alone. When we talk about PRAISE TO GOD we’re talking about an attribute that’s not only necessary; but it’s also beneficial.  Psalm 150:6 says, Let everything that hath breath praise the Lord; PRAISE YE THE LORD.”  It’s nothing new that God requires our praise……it’s mandatory. When we look at this “command” with an unselfish attitude, we’ll realize that what God requires is nothing out of the ordinary, but it’s just our “reasonable service”.  God’s been better than good to us, so WHY NOT PRAISE HIM?  He has watched over us and protected us from dangers seen and not seen……..so WHY NOT PRAISE HIM?  He kept us covered with His blood even when we weren’t aware of the dangers surrounding us. Isn’t that enough reason to give God praise?  Think about it, who else in the world has us on their mind as much as GOD?  Nobody.  

God is so mindful of us that the very hairs on our head have been numbered by HIM. That sounds mighty good to me è just to know that GOD loves me that much. When we think about how we sometimes get in ‘self’ and mess up in our walk with God, yet He STILL LOVES US – that’s amazing!  How many other people do you know that will love you despite your shortcomings, like God?  Nobody.  Who do you know that has your end declared from your beginning? Nobody.  Who can love us with all of our imperfections and then throw our sins into the sea of forgetfulness, never to bring them to the surface again, except God? Nobody.  The Intensity of Praise is when we give God MORE praise than just the usual! Hype it up a level and Let God know that you recognize His grace and the mercy that He bestows upon us daily. Let Him know that you don’t take Him for granted, but you appreciate the type of love that He gives TO US; one that we can never return because we don’t have the capacity to love God the way He loves us. Even though we’re not perfect in this flesh, when we INTENSIFY our praise, we’re giving God all we have to give. God knows our capacity and He will never ask us to do what we can’t do. If God knows you’re incapable He won’t even ask; but since GOD ALREADY KNOWS WHETHER OR NOT THERE’S ANOTHER LEVEL OF PRAISE that we can give Him, THAT’S WHAT HE EXPECTS FROM US!!! So why not give it to Him?  If God didn’t give us breath to breathe, we would be labeled  just another statistic è but it is because God woke us up this morning and started us  on our way that we’ve been given another opportunity to PUMP UP THE VOLUME and INTENSIFY the praise!

Forget about what the enemy is trying to do and  give God WHAT HE DESERVES thru the INTENSITY of  YOUR PRAISE!

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