We know without a doubt that we’re living in the last and evil days and for those that aren’t aware, all you have to do is look around you, listen to the news or watch the faces of those that smile in your face, but disrespect you behind your back. THE GOAL OF THE ENEMY IS TO DECEIVE THE VERY ELECTS OF GOD if possible. God, in His infinite wisdom repeatedly tells us to be mindful of the company that we keep and even those that we entertain because the adversary is always lurking, and he will use anyone that he can to bring confusion or division.  We’re all familiar with THE FACE OF PRETENSE, it’s a demonic spirit associated with their company. They can appear innocent but they’re really just a wolf in sheep’s clothing being used by Satan. The sole purpose of them hanging around is to cause disruption in the Body of Christ. The Bible warns us of these kinds of people, especially in the days that we are living in now. We have to pay close attention and be very mindful because the enemy will try his best to slip in if we put our guard down.  These types of people are the ones whose intention is to do harm. Their main goal is to get everything they can out of you, then with their lies and through their deceit, speak words that are meant to destroy you and damage your reputation. è All of this is a part of the enemy’s plan.  It doesn’t matter to the devil how long you’ve been saved, he still tries us.  We have to be watchful and DON’T TURN A BLIND EYE WHEN GOD TELLS US TO PULL AWAY FROM THEM.  Always be grateful to the Lord for having our best interest at heart. Sometimes our intention may be to help someone but your kindness can very easily be viewed as weakness; and instead of them being grateful, they not only take advantage of you, but they find like-minded people to do the same!  It’s all a part of the crazy world that we’re living in today.

It’s a dog-eat-dog world, but God has given us wisdom to offset the works of the enemy; we just have to take heed!  God is always looking out for us, protecting us and covering us, but our responsibility is to watch as well as pray. The enemy hates every person that calls on the name of Jesus and his methods are not simply to damage; but his intent is to destroy!  We know that “Greater is He that lives in us than he that lives in the world,” so we have to always be ready to fight. Don’t just sit back and ignore the obvious; pay attention.  Some people don’t want to be helped…….so if you try to help them, yet they don’t change, pray for them and at the same time PULL AWAY before they totally destroy you. If God shows you their ill-intent, don’t ignore it, make a move. God will always show us but it’s up to us to be strong enough to acknowledge it and thank God for warning us of the destruction being sent our way. THE FACE OF PRETENSE is nothing for us to take lightly. We’ve been preaching it for years, BUT God is on His way back and He’s looking for people that are ready to go back to Glory with Him!  It may not be popular, but God knows it’s the truth. If we’ve ever been serious about serving God…….today should be the day!  We know the enemy isn’t playing, but NEITHER ARE WE; God has given us everything we need to survive, BUT struggling all day, every day is not a part of God’s plan. Jesus said, I AM come, that you might have life; and that you might have it MORE abundantly.” 


This is for me my prelate. This is absolute truth.

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