Whenever we start making excuses for not doing what God has directed us to do, it can go from bad to worse. In fact, usually, if we’re not careful our excuses can eventually lead us into sin.  We start saying things like, “Well, no one is perfect, God knows my heart and that’s what is really important!  Grace will forgive me, even when people try to hold me under condemnation.” And on and on we go with our excuses. Many times we can get a little evil feeling like we’re EXPECTED to answer to everyone for what we decide to do and we’ll soon snap, ‘I DON’T OWE YOU AN EXPLANATION – I ANSWER TO GOD ALONE!!”   The wonderful thing about being in relationship with God is if you let Him, He will lead you into all truth. God will uphold you even when that’s the last thing you want Him to do. It doesn’t matter who all is “faking it,” the power of God will keep you true to Him if you abide in the Word of God. We see and hear all kind of rumors of those that act saved…….until they get behind closed doors and then the ‘REAL’ comes out! People often talk about SAVED FOLKS, and they say there are so many hypocrites in the church they don’t even want to be a part of it. But when we really think about it, THERE ARE HYPOCRITES EVERYWHERE YOU GO IN LIFE, but YOU DON’T ACCEPT CHRIST FOR OTHERS; YOU DO IT FOR YOURSELF! You have to understand that you are responsible for your own salvation – that’s a personal choice!  Don’t allow people to make excuses for you not doing the will of God. If God told you to do it, He will give you the strength needed to make it happen. If you’re sure that God told you to do something, don’t be afraid to do it, just know that God is on your side. IF GOD TOLD YOU DO IT and you heed to His will, God will always bless you for your obedience. We all have to ask ourselves a basic question: “Am I making excuses for not flowing in the will of God?” – There are several writers that have spoken on this same subject when it comes to making excuses in general. One writer said,  “He that is good for making excuses is seldom good for anything else.” (Benjamin Franklin); “Don’t give in to excuses that can keep you from really living the best life God has for you.” – (Joyce Meyer); and finally, “I HATE EXCUSES; EXCUSES ARE A DISEASE.” (Cam Newton).

If we’re truthful, we will admit that we’ve all been guilty of making excuses for some reason or another when it comes to our relationship with God. We make excuses for not praying; not studying; not going to church and basically not dedicating ourselves to God in the manner that He requires; BUT THE REASON EXCUSES DON’T WORK WITH GOD is because He knows the truth. There’s no need to try to blame others for our own shortcomings, just get it together, ask God to forgive you and get back in line with the will of God……..understanding that  GOD DOES NOT ACCEPT EXCUSES!  God will place a conviction on us and all the excuses that we come up with because He has already given us power to do whatever He commands. IF GOD TELLS US TO DO SOMETHING, HE EXPECTS US TO GET IT DONE…….AND FORGET ABOUT OUR EXCUSES!

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