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How are you?  That seems to be the question that everyone is asking today. Of course, we can all complain about what we’re going through or dealing with. We can also view the glass as half-full instead of half-empty if we’re a positive thinker. It’s such a blessing to be able to glance at someone and feel an immediate peace in the atmosphere. You can’t explain it but you know there’s something different about that person that’s positive and not negative. Our topic this month involves this type of individual. What you’re actually seeing is the Glow of The Lord. The Bible talks a lot about the glow. It’s not easy to explain, but our GLOW is tied into our relationship with God. We can’t hide it…… illuminates and it’s seen by anyone we come in contact with èit’s like a light on a hill that cannot be hidden. When we’ve spent time with God, it’s an unexplainable peace. Not only is deliverance received but we die daily to our flesh and take on the characteristics of God as a result of dedicating time with Him.  We can’t maintain “THE GLOW,”   without a continual relationship with God.  Our prophetic destiny is connected to THE GLOW that only God can give. In fact, The Peace of God and The Peace with God is all a part of “THE GLOW” that comes from spending time with God.  The countenance (expression on your face) of the Believer is what others see, even before they meet you. The expression on your face can be a positive or a negative, just depending how you’re looking. As Believers, God expects us to have the countenance of a heart that is aglow with the Spirit of God. When the countenance of our heart is aglow with the Spirit of God, the countenance of our face will also radiate with that glow. The word “Aglow” means: To give off light and heat; to shine as if greatly heated; to show a strong, bright color or to be excessively hot!  The Glow of The Lord is the strong, bright light of Christ which shines forth from our face due to the heart that is greatly fired up by the Holy Spirit!  This light doesn’t shine on its own, but it’s the outflow of an ongoing, zealous relationship with God. “The Glow” of God has to be so important to us that we guard it like the precious stone that it is, and understand that it is possible to lose that Glow if we are not mindful of what we do and the spirits that we entertain. “The Glow” is part of the Anointing and we all know that the Anointing will not operate in disobedience. The Importance of the Glow symbolizes right relationship with God. When God is pleased and we flow with His Will then we’re pleased as well. Sin can cause us to lose the glow. In Genesis 4:6 when Cain became angry because his offering was not an offering of Faith the Bible says, “And the Lord said unto Cain, why art thou wroth (angry)? And WHY is thy countenance fallen?”  What happened was an act of disobedience. Cain became angry because his offering wasn’t acceptable unto God. Cain was the captain of his own heart and evil ways. God rejected his offering, which made him very angry. The question he should have asked was, “IS THIS WHAT YOU REQUIRE, GOD?” The most important question the Believer should ask is AM I pleasing God in what I choose to do?  


Hi, my name is Jamie and I have lost my glow of God due to sin. How do I get it back?

How do u keep the glow

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