Praise The Lord,

This year is flying by very quickly, but I’m so excited about what God is doing in the lives of His people! Even with everything we’ve been through this year and are still going through, there’s a presence of God in the atmosphere that is stronger than ever before. Some of us have been on hold for a long, long time but PRAISE WILL ALWAYS SUSPEND OUR DELAY!

Be Blessed,

Dr. Sherman S. Watkins

We’ve all experienced impatience in our life and we’ve often battled with spiritual warfare and the waiting period. We wonder why in the world it is taking God so long to do what He promised. The question is never in regard to His capabilities because we know God can do anything, except fail. Our concern is more about the timing and the trying of our faith. Our faith will always be challenged. Questions arise, God am I doing Your Will?  Is there something that I’m not doing that I should be doing? Then after a while, gradually our wording begins to change to, “Well, You’ve done it for others and I’m pretty sure You can do it for me.”  The enemy is attacking our faith, trying to make us doubt God’s ability. We have to remember that the devil is very crafty. He’s attacking the fleshly part of us that thinks with our natural senses only, but when we deal with GOD we can’t use common sense alone, because common sense doesn’t have a clue about the spiritual power of God. The flesh only thinks as far as the capabilities of our flesh, but GOD IS A SPIRIT WITHOUT STIPULATIONS.  If God says it’s time, there is no power on earth that can stop Him.  It doesn’t matter whether it makes rational sense or not…….God is supernatural and His abilities are unlimited! Many times people will say, “well that doesn’t make sense” è but it’s not supposed to make sense to our flesh when we’re operating in the spirit realm. Through faith we recognize that whenever we’re under attack, PRAYER AND PRAISE ARE OUR MOST EFFECTIVE WEAPONS.  We have to know what works and be bold enough to use it! Even when we think about our health and various types of sicknesses from a natural standpoint, when we look at how far the medical industry has come over the years, we will agree that there has been major success. There was a time when someone suffering from a heart attack had little chance of survival because he or she didn’t know what was happening and they ignored the symptoms until it was too late. However, over the years medical advancements have now identified common warning signs such as: discomfort and pressure in the center of the chest, pain in one or both arms, and shortness of breath. In this way, spreading awareness of the warning signs has greatly increased the survival rate for heart attack victims. In a similar manner, many Believers seem to be blind-sighted when it comes to spiritual attacks, but it’s crucial that we recognize the warning signs for spiritual survival as well. Whenever we feel a loss of spiritual desire, physical fatigue, have a weak prayer life, feel overwhelmed and helpless and finally, old habits and lifestyles RESURFACE è these are warning signs of SPIRITUAL ATTACK! We have to be aware and take action immediately because the enemy is not playing. Whatever you need to do to get back in right-relationship with God, do it. Sometimes we delay our own blessings through disobedience, misconduct and not being aware of the benefits of our relationship with God. You can be doing 10 things right, and the one thing you’re not doing sabotages the REWARD of the things you’re doing right.  The times that we’re living in today are serious. We know the devil is out to destroy the people of God so we must be mindful of the tools that we use in warfare. OBEDIENCE AND PRAISE together have great rewards.  One songwriter said, IF YOU PRAISE HIM, HE’LL MAKE IT ALRIGHT..…when praises go up blessings come down!” 

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