What is a COMPLICATED PRAISE some may wonder, but we’ve all experienced it, whether we view it as such or not.  An example of a complicated praise could be one where you’re going thru manifold tests and trials and in the mix of it all, instead of feeling sorry for yourself you praise God anyway!  You’re not living in denial because you give God praise in the midst of your dilemmas, but what you’re actually doing is living up to scripture!  In Psalm the 34th chapter, David said, I WILL BLESS THE LORD AT ALL TIMES, HIS PRAISE SHALL CONTINUALLY BE IN MY MOUTH.  Now, those words alone are extremely powerful and he could have stopped there, but as the WORD OF GOD so often does, it connects with our immediate circumstances and strengthens us in the midst of everything we’re going through and it pushed him to continue his words of victory…… he said,  “MY SOUL SHALL MAKE HER BOAST IN THE LORD: THE HUMBLE SHALL HEAR THEREOF, AND BE GLAD………………….OH MAGINIFY THE LORD WITH ME AND LET US EXALT HIS NAME TOGETHER!!!!  David had experienced the hand of God on his life and he knew that victory was something that God specialized in. We often wrestle with things that life throws at us. We sometimes even wrestle with the vision that we know God has given to us, but nevertheless, the enemy will still place doubt, but we can’t get all stressed out over “things” because the Bible tells us, “THIS TOO SHALL PASS,” We just have to believe it and refuse to bow down to the misery that the enemy tries to place us in. If you’re victorious in Jesus…. ACT LIKE IT, THINK LIKE IT, TALK LIKE IT!!! The words that come out of our mouth ARE powerful -- THOSE WORDS HAVE LIFE!!!   So many times when we’re defeated it’s not because of what the enemy has done, but we’re defeated by the words that come out of our mouth!  The enemy sits back and takes the credit, but it’s not him, it’s us!  Proverbs 6:2 says, THOU ART SNARED WITH THE WORDS OF THY MOUTH, thou art taken with the words of thy mouth.”  We’re living in a day and time where we have to be SURE of what we know; so sure that we refuse to listen to anything that is contrary to what God’s Word has spoken. THESE ARE THE DAYS THAT WILL TRY OUR FAITH!  If you’ve ever believed God…….it must be NOW.  Sometimes all we can get out is A COMPLICATED PRAISE.  That’s it, that’s all we have left!  It’s nice to be able to declare, I BEAT THE DEVIL RUNNING AND I’M SO GLAD, but there will be times in our Christian walk that we will have to admit that we barely got away!  We might as well tell the truth and shame the devil.  We know from experience that we don’t always fly through our tests and trials without a blemish……..sometimes we win, but we have to win IN battle!  Don’t act like you’re beyond reproach when it comes to warfare……we all struggle in various areas.  No need to try to appear to others as though you’re some super saint. We all have to acknowledge the fact that, “IF IT HAD NOT BEEN FOR THE LORD WHO WAS ON MY SIDE……..life would have swallowed us up whole!  Nobody but Jesus kept me when I was about to lose my mind!  It was nothing but the MERCIES OF GOD’S GRACE AND COMPASSION that kept me when I wanted to give up……..throw in the towel……leave the premises……AND NEVER LOOK BACK!!!   But it’s also through these types of experiences that we  know  that GOD WILL KEEP YOU EVEN WHEN YOU DON’T WANT TO BE KEPT……if you hold on to Him and refuse to let Go!  God is a good God……His mercy endureth forever and ever!  Regardless of what you’re going through don’t lose your praise!  Even through your tears, GIVE GOD a COMPLICATED, BUT NECESSARY PRAISE!!!!


Amen......This is just what I needed Bishop. Thank you, love you

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