In the New Testament there is a stunning indifference to place and external form.  When we look at John 4:21-23, it says, “Neither in this mountain nor in Jerusalem will you worship God, but (except) IN SPIRIT AND IN TRUTH.”  This is not only a wonderful passage but the wording is  filled with detail and great passion!  This scripture makes us know that there is a CERTAIN type of worship DUE God. We can’t just come to Him any kind of way and expect Him to accept our sacrifice, but it is because God is a SPIRIT that we have to come before His presence and bring forth our worship in Spirit and in Truth. A DESPERATE WORSHIP is filled with anticipation!  It’s a worship that lets God know that we’re in tune with what He requires as just our reasonable service. The fundamental requirement of Desperate Worship  include a sense of urgency to the One that we’re giving the praise – WHICH IS GOD alone.  We have to know what works in relation to God in order to reach that level of worship. This of course involves relationship. When we’re in search of God’s requirements it will always draw us closer to Him. It’s a longing that nothing else can fill. It’s serious and it’s real.  When we get to the point that it’s God or nothing…….God senses that in our spirit.  When we say, “God I need You more than the air that I breathe,” that touches the heart of God and it makes God know that our desire is to please Him.  What we’re saying is, “I know I’m not perfect and in this flesh I’ll always fall short in some kind of a way, but God, I WORSHIP YOU and I thank You for taking the time to talk to me and understand me like nobody else understands me. My loyalty to You is not circumstantial but it is A Praise On Purpose!”  When we begin to talk to God like that through a sincere heart, it moves God to compassion. It excites God to know that we understand that the bare necessity is just not enough!  We have to move beyond the norm and tap into the resources that we have through RELATIONSHIP.  This is an everyday walk with God. We can’t live holy on Sunday and expect it to count for the rest of the week – but every day we have to wake up and DECIDE to please God. The more we do it, the easier it becomes. It may be difficult to turn our will over to God initially because we have to fight through this flesh…the warfare of the flesh against the Spirit of rebuttal, but if we PURSUE AFTER GOD, little by little, precept upon precept it gets easier because God gives us the strength we need to pursue after Him.  Our thoughts have to line up with the obedience of God in order to create a Desperate Worship!  We have to fight to say YES TO GOD AND NO TO THIS FLESH!  Any time we choose to please God we have to be ready to fight because the enemy is not going to just let us walk holy without resistance.  His purpose is to kill, steal and to destroy. But the Bible lets us know that Jesus came that we might have life and have it MORE ABUNDANTLY. I can’t live life abundantly unless I’m willing to fight. I’m not talking about fighting in the natural, I’m talking about SPIRITUAL COMBAT and Warring against the strongholds that develop in the mind. If we can win that battle, we’re good.  DESPERATE WORSHIP IS ALL ABOUT GOD.  When you’re desperate you go outside the box and do those things that others don’t expect you to do. If that means I have to pray more or go into my secret place to reach the throne of God then that’s what I’ll do. We can NEVER  lose when we decide to turn it over to God and allow Him to work it out!   

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